Beamery Form Builder enables you to create bespoke sign-up forms to capture all of the information you require from candidates in minutes. These can be used for candidates applying for specific vacancies, attendees at careers events, or simply as a way for passive candidates to join talent communities and keep in touch with your organization.

The first step in creating a form is to provide an identity and initial copy to the form:

  1. Give a name to the form which will show up in the form management list.
  2. Define a unique form URL. Forms must have a unique URL that identifies them globally.
  3. Give your Form a title that will be displayed on the Sign-Up Page.
  4. Write a short description that will be shown under the Form title in the Sign-Up Page. Here it is possible to format the text to be bold, italic or underlined.

You have the option of saving and then publishing the form at this stage, which will result in a form with the standard Beamery data fields for candidates to fill in (shown below):

Alternatively, you have the option to add some bespoke questions to capture additional information from candidates.

To learn more about adding custom questions to your form click here.

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