Areas affected by custom field permissions

Contact’s Grid and Filters panel:
For users without access to the field, the private field will not be visible in either:

  • A column nor will it be searchable or visible in the Columns drop down menu
  • In the filters panel across the app (e.g. on the Contact’s Grid and in Reporting)

Below, the field ‘Gender’ is a custom field with the answer ‘Male’. This would not be visible to users without permission.

Full and Mini Profile:
For users without access, answers to private fields will not be visible in:

  1. The ‘Fields’ tab in the Mini Profile
  2. The Profile tab in the Full Profile
  3. The Activity feed in the Full Profile. Here, any questions answered by the contact via a Form that is linked to a private field will show up as ‘This answer is confidential’.

Examples below for point 1 and 2: ‘Gender’ is used with the answer ‘Male’ for points 1 and 2. This would not be visible to users without permission.

Example below for 3: The Activity feed shows two questions which are linked to fields for which the user does not have permission to view the answers.

Areas not affected by custom field permissions

Form Builder and Recipes:

If a user does not have permission to a custom field, they will still be able to use the field in Form Builder and Recipes, however they will not be able to see the responses from candidates in other areas of Beamery, as explained in the section “Areas affected by custom field permissions” .

CSV import:

When users upload a CSV file and have extra fields in that file, the users will see all custom fields as an option to map to. The permission levels impact the user once the data has been uploaded and when the user wants to view that field (for example, in the profile or contact grid).

Public API:

Making a call to the API will be able to return private fields regardless of permissions.

However, users will not be able to see the answers to the private fields.

The answers to custom fields are stored in the activity timeline for contacts. There is no call available on the Public API to get data from the Activity timeline. The only exception is a special call that gets Notes from the Activity timeline, however answers to fields are not shown here unless manually written down by users.