By default, emails sent from the Beamery platform will be sent from any address of your choosing, "via"

In order to improve email deliverability, we recommend using 'Beamery Domain White labelling', a process that allows your account to be configured to send all emails via your own domain.

In order to start the process you must first log your request with including subdomain you wish to white label (eg.

You will receive a set of DNS records that need to be created by whoever manages the DNS for your email domain. Most likely, you should be able to pass this on to someone in your IT department, and they should know what to do to get the records created.

Beamery allows users to e-mail contacts directly from our application. In order to effectively deliver these messages, we require an SPF and DKIM entry be added to your DNS records. Organizations who choose not to update their records can experience problems with delayed or missing emails to users and candidates, so we highly recommend adding the records laid out below.

If you have any other questions, such as with regards to setting up additional white labelling for links, please send an email to, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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