Talent Pools in Beamery are a great way to manage candidates around particular skills profiles and personas. Gain more insight into your pipelines and nurture candidate relationships in a more targeted way.

 A. Create a Talent Pool

1. To create a talent pool, navigate to the 'Pools' tab in the top pane. This will take you to the Pools dashboard where you can your own pools and pools shared with you.

2. Click on the green '+' icon in the top right corner. This will take you to the 'Create Pool' page.

3. Here, you can name your new pool and assign an Owner and Manager, who will both have the ability to add to and edit the pool, and will receive relevant notifications concerning the pool . You can also apply relevant global tags to the Pool which makes it easier to search for and to analyse in the Beamery reporting tool. 

B. Managing pools

1. You can edit existing talent pool names, change their Owner or Manager and also manage any global tags applied to the pool. To manage your talent pools, navigate to the 'Pools' dashboard and locate the talent pool you wish to edit.

2. Click on the three dots located at the right of the talent pool summary. Then select 'Edit' from the mini dropdown.

3. This will take you to the Edit Pool page where you can amend the pool's name, its Owner or Manager and manage global tags applied to the pool. When you're finished, click 'Save'.

 C. Sharing a pool

1. Talent pools can be shared with other colleagues in your team who use Beamery. A talent pool is private upon creation which means only yourself and Admins can see your talent pool.

2. To share a talent pool, simply click on the 'share' button on the talent pool summary.

3. There are three different sharing options for a talent pool.

  1. Public pool - all users can see the talent pool
  2. Recruiting Team pool - all Admins and Team Members can see the talent pool
  3. Private pool - only you and selected users or teams can see the talent pool

D.Delete a pool

1. To delete a pool, simply navigate to the pool and select the three dots located at the top right hand side of the pool window, Then select the option 'Delete'.

2. A window titled 'Delete Pool' will appear. To confirm the pool's deletion, click the green 'Delete Pool' button.

E. Organising pools with Talent Pipelines

1. You can also view talent pools by organising them under 'Talent Pipelines' when creating or editing a pool. This is particularly useful if you wish to view your pools by type (e.g. sales ), or by a company/client who you are working with.

2. To create a talent pipeline, go to your settings and click on 'Pipelines' under Customize Beamery. Then click on the green '+' button in the top right of the screen. Enter the name of your pipeline and a brief description. Once finished click the green 'Create' button. 

3. Your new talent pipeline will now appear on the list and will be available for use.   

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